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Hi Ladies--I actually am taking a bit of a lunch break and using it to read my email and the posts here. It feels wonderful to have a bit of "me" time during the work day.

I have ordered our treadmill and have scheduled the painting so I'm moving forward with the plans for the house and the fitness room.

The treadmill will be delivered and assembled on April 18. The painting is going to be done on April 17 and if they need to finish on April 18 they can. They will do the fitness room first to ensure that it will be finished before the treadmill arrives. I'm getting excited about all of this. I need to remember that on Saturday when I'm working on decluttering the room and also the office.

I'm actually looking forward to that work on Saturday as DH will be gone a few hours with one of our friends daughters, who calles us Uncle and Aunt. She wants her Uncle John to take her to Macy's (her favorite store) to buy a new dress for Easter. She has been saving her money (from her birthday, Christmas and allowance) as she doesn't want one from the consignment shop or to wear one that her sister previously wore. My DH is a shopper and he introduced Layna to Macy's and so he is taking her. I would love to watch my 6'2" 267 lb DH in that dress area while she tries all the dresses on!

I will come back later and do personals...time to head to a meeting.
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