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Ah, the magic of pregnancy and being completely accepting of what your body needs. I spoke about this a little with my nutritional therapist and I suspect it will arise again in a subsequent visit. If only I could be pregnant all the time! What a serene feeling of self-acceptance and abundant love from those around her. I can't remember a time I was more self-nurtured and nurtured by everyone around me more than I was when I was pregnant. I was coddled almost. When a pregnant woman says she wants a cookie people stumble over themselves to get it for her, they don't judge and she doesn't judge herself. I ate everything I wanted during my pregnancy, except for a few restricted foods for obviously reasons (sushi, unpasteurized dairy, undercooked meats etc), but being unrestricted general was the first time I lost weight naturally weighing 10lbs less at the birth of my child than I did when I first got knocked up. It was wild!

And now I know why, because I listened to my body and gave it everything it wanted and everything it asked for. Because I didn't judge myself for the food choices I made. Because I wasn't embarrassed of myself and how I looked, the rounder the better lol!

"No matter how developed you are in any other area of your life, no matter what you say you believe, no matter how sophisticated or enlightened you think you are, how you eat tells all." - Geneen Roth
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