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I think it says a lot when this thread (and the original one, which exceeded 500 posts requiring this new one) has been resurrected by new people searching for an answer to the never-ending diet-go-round.

I've been re-reading The Overfed Head and I've just re-read the section where he discusses how pregnant women's cravings are accepted and expected, yet we reject those same urges in anyone else's body as being dangerous or somehow not worthy of honoring. It's particularly interesting because Wannabeskinny and I have discussed on other threads how we both ate completely intuitively while pregnant. For me, this began a 20-year cycle of eating intuitively with absolutely no weight gain until my late 40's when I started experiencing a small weight gain due to entering menopause. At this point I began dieting again and I've been battling the weight ever since.

This last few weeks I've found myself suddenly extremely busy. I started a new part-time job, I had jury duty for several days followed by a quick out-of-town trip, and now I'm back and still running. I've given almost zero thought to what I'm eating and have truly only eaten when I'm hungry. I haven't weighed (got rid of that albatross of a scale quite some time ago) but I can tell I've dropped a few pounds by the way my clothes fit.

I still have a way to go, but I can honestly say I'm finding real peace with food at last. I hope others who have stumbled across this thread as well as the many others we have here dealing with intuitive eating can find some answers for themselves.
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