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Great to hear your perspective, Locke. My experience parallels yours. I can eat whatever I want and lose weight as long as I'm at a calorie deficit. I also don't experience any noticeable difference in satiety whether I eat carbs, fats or protein. I also find that a day without grains leaves me singularly dissatisfied.

I think there is a vitally important aspect to this that needs to be pointed out. Believe it or not I am NOW more or less this way as well. Not with grains, but with the filling full part. But I am all about the low carb, whole foods, no grains, carbs from non-starchy veggies. What gives?

Well when I was high carb low fat all the time lots of junk foods, potatoes, bread, pasta my metabolism was fundamentally different. I had insulin in my system I am sure 24 hours a day. I could have a fast food meal or huge meal at a Mexican restaurant and I would be ravenously hungry a couple of hours later. My hunger was a nightmare.

By changing my way of eating I changed my metabolism and my biology at the cellular level. I am now 'fat adapted'. I.e. my body uses my fat for fuel. It tends to burn calories now not store them. My inuslin is at much lower levels.

So when I occasionally have a huge Mexican meal. Same exact meal as before. It fills me up for 6,7,8 hours or more. My body is operating well now instead of poorly.

So if you are very overweight like I was and have impaired your metabolism and the functioning of your body, you may have to 'eat clean' to get it working correctly again. Some people may never ever reset and achieve their goals unless they do 'clean eat' for sometime.

I can have five fries now and be fine. Carbs have lost their power over me. But I am sure if I went back to my old ways for a length of time, they would regain their power as my body started operating poorly again.

For others this may not be necessary to eat clean. But I love the food on 'eating clean' and the results have been awesome for me. And while I can eat carbs..if I eat grains now I feel awful and my back pain comes back if it is corn.

Freelance you put your high weight at 195 at 5'11". I am 5'9" (and a half :-)). I was at 340 at one point. I compromised my body way more than you ever did. So I am coming from a very obese person perspective. My body was so messed up that if I did not do low carb high fat I never would have gotten back to health, for me.

I am not asking you to get to 300 or so to try this, of course. But if you did, you might find that carbs have a very different relationship to you and do make you ravenously hungry.

And you may not be as sensitive to insulin as I am. But telling me with insulin sensitivity in my family to not focus on carbs...would have been to sentence me to no health for the rest of my life. But sensitivity varies.

As an added aside Freelance. Just as I have turned my body into being less sensitive to carbs, it can go the other way. This is what happens to unfortunately way too many people. Goodness forbid, but if you ever did get to a certain weight, you might find that you've made yourself more sensitive to carbs as you would probably be producing more insulin throughout the day. Let us hope you and everyone else who doesn't have that now, never finds out.

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