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Morning all.

Pattience – I’m curious about the prostrations, so I’ll look it up online later. I haven’t seen “12 Years a Slave” yet, but we do have the movie on dvd. To me, it’s one of those movies in which the topic isn’t one I’m enthusiastic about, but I’m sure once I saw it I’d find it was entertaining and well-done. I have seen “Dallas Buyers Club” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” and liked them both, though I thought Wolf was too long and too repetitive with all the sex, drugs and rah-rah speeches.

Terra – Glad your weekend walks went well. Too bad you can’t walk with your dog – it’s a motivator for me. I wouldn’t be going for walks on the weekend if it weren’t for doggy. But one advantage to walking without the dog is keeping a consistent pace – no stopping for sniffing, etc.

Susie – I hope you have a slower, calmer week once your boss goes on vacation! Re the goals, now that I’ve gotten some feedback on my bullet points, I will have to put them in the correct format (i.e., SMART), and we also enter them into a software program for tracking.

Ceejay – Bummer that work was so stressful for you yesterday. Is today starting off better? I think I’d be very nervous myself if I were entirely in charge of keeping a whole water plant going, when I knew it supplies water to the whole town/area!!

Happy – So getting out for sun in the winter doesn’t help with Vit. D if I’m covered from head to toe except for bits of face visible outside of headband, scarf & sunglasses, LOL. Okay, guess I’ll be more accepting of the Vit. D pill regimen. Good luck at today’s yoga class.

Michelle – Glad the back class is going well. Re the c-pap – I agree, the sound of it is surely better than listening to snoring!!

Annie - The lunch sounds nice. Dinner with both ds and dd and the 2 grandsons will be nice tonight. Good luck with the phone interview!! Sounds right up your alley.

Hi Shad!
My goals discussion went fine, now to just get the goals written up properly – specific, measurable, etc.

WW mtg was alright. I had a loss of 0.4 pounds. It is actually a miracle I didn’t gain – I think I tracked most of last week (weekdays) and my calories were never less than 2,000/day. Yikes! I’m lucky my body’s burning it off!

The happy hour for the boss and the other employee was nice – just a small gathering at a nearby bar. I didn’t get home until just after 7, so I didn’t get to the gym last night.

The TV installation went well, except for an incident with doggy. Bf unwisely left the house during the install (to pick up something needed for the installation) and decided to let doggy inside before he left because doggy had already been out for quite a while before that. Everything would have been fine…if the installer didn’t need to leave the house to get something from his truck. That’s when Coal got “upset” that someone was leaving the house, and it’s his “habit” to nip at the person going out the door. In this case, he tore the installer’s jeans and broke his skin. Uh oh. The installer phoned bf to say he better come back to the house. Bf phoned me at that point and was really freaked out…but I think the fact that Coal immediately returned to his normal calm/friendly self made the installer realize the dog wasn’t going to be any more trouble and the installation went on without any further issues. Bf gave the guy some $$ to buy a new pair of jeans, and showed him doggy's current rabies certificate.

I know it seems alarming that Coal would do that, and most people might conclude that he has a separation anxiety problem. And I guess he does, but it’s only for that moment in time as you walk out the door. He doesn’t go into any kind of destructive behavior before or after that. Kind of odd. Bf and I have become accustomed to it. We either give Coal a treat ball right before we leave the house, or we walk out the door without any attention to him.

Anyway…lesson learned for me at least is to never leave the dog alone with strangers. And warn anyone visiting about the leaving the house issue. Really, I don’t think it was a good idea to leave the house with strangers in it anyway, dog or no dog. These installers were employees of a company in which we have a high level of trust, but you never know what they might get into.

The new TV is nice. BF and I watched part of a hockey game on it and enjoyed it much more on the bigger screen. We did not end up needing a lower height cabinet under it, so that’s money saved.

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough. TTFN.
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