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S/C/G: 305/154.6/???

Height: 5ft 3


hhm - Good luck on your finals!

Thirty - Congrats on those 20 pounds gone!
Looks like we are on a similiar plan, eating-wise.

love2b150 - Yay, 165.4!
So what do you say, the 150's by your birthday? I'm still rooting for you

As for me, I weighed in at 162.2 this morning. I have a feeling this might just be a fluke, but I'll take it and I'll be all thin and sassy, even if it's just for today
(And I'll totally refuse to change my ticker back up tomorrow if it turns out to be indeed just a fluke )

Other than that, those early birds? Not my flock. At all. No more morning exercise for me. I mean I tried, I swear I did, for one entire week. But... I just can't. So new game plan - I'll fly with the night owls and try to get some extra exercise in in the evening. We'll see how that goes

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