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Hump Day, yay, don't know why I am celebrating that one since I am not at that dreaded place I worked.

Yesterday Sam, babes and I met with one of the few people I worked with for lunch. It was nice and the 3 peeps that I wanted to see the new babe got to see him. Today her friend Megan and lil one Aubrey is going over at 10:30 to visit with them so I am technically off the hook for today. She and the boys will be coming over for dinner as my son is coming over to fix my drains in my bathtubs, both are rust through. All will stay for dinner. Fresh snapped greenbeans, ham and potatos, salad on the side.

I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 am. It is with Conrad Hilton as Sales and Catering Coordinator. Fingers crossed it goes well, need to find out more about the position to see if it will be truly something I will enjoy.

I tried Chobani no fat greek yogurt, apple. It was very good and planning on getting more of it. Very very good.

Pattience..I have seen DBC and WOWS but not 12 years a slave yet. I liked the prior two movies and will let you know on the latter once I see it.

SUSIE...isn't it funny that the bosses getting ready for vacation puts you in fire mode.

CEEG...take deep breaths sister, sooth those nerves.

HAPPY...most certainly Sam has post partum blues. She is doing better daily. Thank the good Lord for that. Lil man is adjusting to the new babe, but is not his best friend as yet. lol. Hope your vertigo gets better, that must be so annoying. How are your hips and feet doing?

CHELLE...I have thought of contract work but not ready to go that route just yet.

I have to get busy, hello to all.



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