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Morning all,

Is it hump day already? I'm ripping off the band-aid, so to speak, this week on retraining myself to get up in the dark to be at work on time with the daylight savings switch. The first week after the switch I was a mess and came to work late (I worked late to compensate, but still). The next week I was off with my parents. I'm telling myself if I am just consistent for a week it will be better next week, but I am drinking extra coffee and green tea during the day, which I'll let myself do for one week. I will be glad to be an early bird in the summer when it's really hot and I can get out earlier to do my field work and avoid later day heat. The last two days I've been so tired at the end of the day that my wogs have been downgraded to walks with the dog. I'm trying to tell myself that 2.5 and 3.2 mile walks, though they feel slow and short, are better than nothing. I'm hoping yoga will reinvigorate me this afternoon.

Jessica, congrats on getting a leadership position at work. Will all of these meetings be constant or will they calm down? Fingers crossed your test results come back normal. Please let us know.

Calcounter, don't feel bad. Maintenance is about balance. Just because your scale is going down and more often ours go up, well, that's ok. You're still figuring out your balance. Your plan to increase calories a little bit sounds sensible.

Michele, I thought you didn't drink because you were allergic? Do you just say that to avoid crazed effects?

Jen, March is almost over. Hang in there. And complain away. Sorry it's cold and the shower handle broke. Any update on your SIL?

Dagmar, I have occasionally came into my house and had the same thought. "How did this physically happen?" I can relate.

Bill, I know I'm personally happy when BF does even on thing on his house to-do list. So a bathroom switch is a great start!

Hi Bargoo! Florida is a beautiful and unique place, that's for sure. The "unique" is not always great. We seem to have a lot of crazy nutballs and agressive invasive species running around. But mostly the unique is wonderful.

Have a good Wednesday and rest of week everyone.
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