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S/C/G: 180/ticker/129 or so =)

Height: 5'6.5"


Sum, sorry you got a bump up on the scale, but your food sounds both delicious and very diet-friendly and you know you didn't gain a pound of real weight.

Shrinking, sorry you are dealing with a stall. It must be doubly frustrating with you so close to the 130's! It may well have to do with adjustments for the plasma donations, but it sounds like you're on top of it and you'll get it straightened out!

No weigh-in for me today. I had a terrible night of (lack of) sleep and drank a big mug of coffee before I thought of weighing in. So, I'm just going to skip it today rather than try to adjust for the coffee weight. I haven't even gotten on the treadmill today, just taking the time to post this update then back to the grind.

The great news is that I had no trouble staying on my eating plan yesterday despite a looming deadline! If I can stay on it today with sleep deprivation added to the mix, I'm golden. It would be a huge silver lining in this temporary cloud.
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