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Jen, hope your sister in law has a fast recovery! Maybe her experience of having some physical difficulty will encourage her to agree that your FIL needs to move to assisted living.

Dagmar, I am just now catching up on last week's thread and saw your comment about Vikings. I love that show! But I am a couple weeks behind right now.

Megan, sounds like you had a nice vacation with your folks.

I have been largely absent because work is nuts. I was finally given a leadership position (which I had been aiming for for quite some time) but it's been an overwhelming amount of stuff that needs to get done, while simultaneously being scheduled into meetings constantly. How am I supposed to do any of my todos if I have to be in meetings all day? Sigh. I'm only sort-of complaining, I'm glad that they gave me this opportunity and I think it will be good for my career and possibly result in a promotion next year.

Adding to the stress, I went to my endocrinologist for my 6-month thyroid checkup and he did a thyroid ultrasound. The cyst I had before has more or less disappeared, which is great, but he found a larger lesion in my parathyroid gland instead. I had some labs drawn and am waiting for the results. If they come back normal, it's no big deal and they will just run the labs again in a year. If they come back abnormal, I will have to have surgery. The doctor seemed pretty confident they would be normal and it would be nothing to worry about but I'm still a little nervous about it.

In other news, babies caught their first cold. Luckily it is not a very bad one. They had a very mild fever (99) for one day, and have just been snotty since then. I think they are getting better though because they slept all night last night and this morning they slept later than the past couple days and didn't sound as stuffy when they woke up.
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