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S/C/G: 180/176.4/155

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Well, my formula is a like a combination lock, apparently, where everything has to be lined up perfectly in order for progress. I don't think I did so well this week since i am up a couple pounds, although it's my TOM and that probably has something to do with it.

So here's the layout:

EATING: I tried calorie counting and preferred it to WW in terms of lifestyle, but counting points seems to work better right now. I tend to make better choices on WW because it feels more restrictive and I need to maximize my food :-) When I get to my goal, I will prob have to calorie-count forever to maintain. I have always been a healthy eater but I tend to pick a bite her, a bite there, from my kids' plates and yummy things -- I think they tend to add up!

EXERCISE: 3x a week at my kickboxing gym, which I love and it feels like working out with a personal trainer; walking/hiking/whatever else at my leisure -- I have always loved to exercise.

SUPPLEMENTS: iodine, and a hormonal balancing tincture called Vitex. I also take a multi, vit. c, and Biotin for hair/nails.

MENTALLY: still working on how to adopt changes in my lifestyle without being obsessive. Right now I am always reading weight loss memoirs, and while I love to read them, I can't say it's the healthiest thing. Being fat is kind of at the forefront of my mind throughout my waking day and this is new, and it sucks. I haven't been this down on myself in a long time. I am writing a memoir of my own and this might also have something to do with the obsession.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES: I have given up my evening glass of wine and I miss it terribly. I am now having wine only on the weekends and an occasional; weekday, but this sucks and in 6 months' time, if I find it had no impact, it's the first thing I am going back to!
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