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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


Laura, thanks for giving me your clothing style.

Reading Laura's report on planks reminded me of a good exercise that you can do in in your bedroom. Its quite cardiac and uses your whole body. Don't laugh! Its prostrations! Like what the tibetan buddhists do to the Dalai Lama. I realised this once when i was on an intensive meditation retreat and we couldn't do much physical activity. I started doing prostrations in my room where no one would know i was exercising. I wasn't worshipping anyone. I just wanted to burn some energy. I can't remember how many i did just before lunch. Maybe 100. And maybe some more in the morning. For any one who doesn't want to go running outside, this is a good alternative. There is no need to rush yourself. You will puff doing them slowly. PUt a cushion down on the floor for your knees. And if you have bad knees don't do too many. I actually think 100 hundred might be for a whole day if you are not very fit to begin with. I knew a monk who had to 400 a day which he did every day for a year because he had to do 111000 or something like that. (Note, I haven't done the maths).

Perhaps I should start doing them again myself.

Diyana, thanks for sharing your dress style. Can you give me more description of your tops? So you don't need to cover your bum. Lucky you! :-) Do you wear sleeves. Are the tops loose or fitted and empire line too or with bust darts? or gathered anywhere. Or just t-shirts.

Ceejay, if you need something more challenging than yoga, then maybe you just need a more challenging yoga class. Sometiems yoga can be very boring. It varies a lot from teacher to teacher or style to style. Have you ever tried Iyengar? I'd say its quite challenging. Its my favourite style.

Its a nice idea to track your miles on a map as if you were doing a long hike. I like that a lot because i love maps and i love travelling. I have done several cycling tours.

Happy thanks for your fashion insights.

Hi Everybody else.
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