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Default Here I go again

I am starting a healthy lifestyle again...hopefully this will be the last "first week" for me.

DATE - March 26, 2014

USER NAME - Arubalover14

SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR USER NAME - My username reflects two of my main goals. We love Aruba and have visited 3 times. When we go back in November, I want to sit in that airplane seat without the humiliation of needing a seat belt extender. the number 14 was my softball number growing up. I want to get back out there on the field again this fall with less joint and back pain and being able to run the bases.

REAL NAME - Tracey

AGE - 36


WHERE YOU LIVE - Northern Virginia

SIGNIFICANT OTHER - Married for 3 years to a supportive loving man named Jon


KIDS - not yet, may not ever, but if it happens it happens

PETS - not an animal lover, primarily due to allergies

OCCUPATION - GIS at a county utility


WHAT PLAN ARE YOU FOLLOWING - My fitness pal, less calories in than out

FAV. EXERCISE(S) - NONE! But I'm doing the elliptical mainly

FAV. NO-NO FOODS - Pizza, chicken wings, ice cream

FAV.BOOK(S) - not a big reader, but I like James Patterson. Chelsea Handler's books are pretty entertaining too

FAV. MOVIE(S) - Goodfellas

FAV. SONG(S) - too many to choose from, but my favorite types are 90's hip hop and country...pretty big range there.

FAV. QUOTE - The first one that comes to mind today is "I can do all things through Christ you strengthens me"

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU - I have been trying to start a healthy lifestyle for years over and over and most of the time it only lasts a few weeks. I make a ton of excuses of why I'm too busy, or don't care about my weight, or why its not a big deal. And little by little over the last 10 years I have gained more and more every year. But a few weeks ago my first nephew was born and it dawned on me that I don't want him to be embarrassed of his fat aunt. I want to be out there playing tee ball with him. I want to take him to amusement parks when he is older. Until recently I never felt held back by my weight but now I am finding that it is affecting my life more and more. I want to play softball but I can't run anymore. My knees and back hurt so bad after a few minutes of exercise. I want to book airline seats without fear of choosing an airline like southwest that will make me buy 2 seats. I want to travel without smushing my husband in the seat next to me. I want to climb up the ladder on our boat with out looking like a whale flopping up on the beach. I want to have energy. This week feels different, it's like a light bulb finally has gone off. I need some accountability and support so that's why I'm here.
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