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Originally Posted by MsChris View Post
I'm just getting back into the swing of Leslie, but all of my DVDs are the older ones. Yesterday, I did the 1st mile of 5 Day Slim down, and today 1 mile Get Started of 7-Day Calorie Blast. I plan to do more per day, but I need to build my tolerance back up first.

Welcome Chrislyn!!

Today I was so tired when my alarm went off. Did not feel like walking but I did it. And I feel a million times better. Don't skip doing it if you feel bad, it will turn your mood!
One of the DVDs I bought from Collage in the close out sale was a three mile walk away waistline with the walk belt. So today was the first day I tried it. It's quite old, but still good. I feel like the belt is too long because there was no tension at all for me. I do have long arms though. I'm like a monkey, ha, whenever I buy things the sleeves are too short. The thing I thought was really weird on the video was they had a water break after two miles. They kept walking but they all had awkward sips of water. I found Leslie very motivating in her talks. She always motivates me, and maybe because I was not in the mood to exercise, up this was very motivating to keep me exercising. So I need to remember to pick this one if I am not in the mood. Although they all do lift me up!

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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