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Okay, pleasantly surprised. I thought today was going to be so hard- 3,5,5,3, with walks in between, of course. I've never run 5 minutes in my life. Not that I know of. Perhaps when I was a little kid, but even then you rarely just run like that- starts and stops playing tag and stuff, you know. Anyway, I did it without too much trouble. I think part of it is just my incredibly slow pace, but hey, I did it

Anyway, Elladorine (and everybody else) I seem to be over the water retention phase, because after three weeks at roughly the same weight (I weigh in kgs and round to the nearest pound) I lost two pounds at last week's weigh-in and a pound again for this week. My body is also taking on shapes that it's never had- I look more like I've lost about 10 pounds in the past month- not 3! My Daughter has also started running and says the same. She is normal weight (high end) but just pudgy from inactivity.

AwShucks, 28 minutes is fantastic, and you are an inspiration!

No shoes, I think we have *all* done the wrong day a couple of times. I know I have!

Littlemisschattabox, cars! But you're in New Zealand. I know, I shouldn't believe everything the tourist industry says, but all the pictures I see of NZ are breathtakingly beautiful. I love my bit of forest, though, I admit. Well done on the 20 min! I still have that in front of me

Tafadhali, I might be looking into the zombie podcast when I've done the c25k, for some fun for future running! I can't believe you're on w7! On the one hand it feels as if I will never get there, but on the other hand, I never thought I'd get where I am now, so I'll just keep chugging along!

Silverfire, can't help you with the elliptical question, I'm afraid. It's less than a month ago that I had to go and google it because people kept taking about them and I had no idea what they were. Me no techie! You remember how long it took me just to get my bloody 5krunner app to behave

BigChiefHoHo, Don't worry too much about the match up; I don't think we're doing exactly the same program anyway, so week five is still our mutual 5th week of running, even if we aren't running precisely the same times/distances. Besides, I'm going on hols for three weeks starting this weekend anyway, so you may not be the only one repeating! Frankly, I'm more than a little nervous about being able to keep up my efforts! I will have access to the net intermittently, so look for my world-famous whining

See y'all Friday!

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