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Default Hump day - it really is downhill after tonight

Hi Coaches

I am home and have done the chores and fed the dogs and got my dinner organised

  • Ate on plan today - 100%
  • Planned food for tomorrow - yes. Have prepped vegetables and cooked components
  • I logged food as I ate it - yes
  • Weighed in and logged weight - yes up 2.4 pounds!!??!
  • I did planned exercises - no formal exercise - 9850 steps so far and more to go
  • I didn't eat standing up - 100% (just made it to my desk chair with a morsel from dinner)
  • I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
  • Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
  • Scheduled time for diet and exercise - yes - Gym with PT tomorrow

BillBE - I had to look matzah up - looks like a good thing to have with vegetable soup. There is a gratitude exercise which requires one to think about an object (a chair for example) and to think about all the components and all the hands that it has passed through in its creation. It is very powerful and your post about navel oranges reminded me of that

6crowsgold - I am thinking about trying the 5:2 diet and using smoothies and salads on the fast day. Does it work for you to have shakes?

flnu - it is humbling to see and accept that things change as you get older. Credit for not letting that hold you back

Gardenerjoy - good to see you back - and yes - I am about to become a fan of popcorn!

Nationalparker - commiserations for 2 days off plan but you seem to have regrouped. Chemo is not too bad - and he has support so that will be great

Tricia - hungry days are hard so Credit for resisting it and finding strategies. I think hungry days mean that I must be about to lose! Good luck with training pooch and thanks for the affirmation

maryann - hope you find the necklace - sounds like you deserve it

Ceejay - it was really useful to read your post - it was like a formula for the appropriate thinking steps when one gets in a funk. I can't seem to contain my work to work days at the moment but I am working on it

Short Term Goal

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