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Mrs Snark- Totally understand the wanting everything now! I mean when I sabotage myself over and over I am treating my health/body poorly for short-term gain.

Diamondeog-Everyone experience is different and people recover in a variety of ways. I have tried slow carb with no added sugars (wasn't even eating fruit!) but it drove me crazy and I ended up eating half gallons of ice cream and cake mixes. I would never discount someone else's experience! Do what works for you! No one can tell you that something is bad for YOU because of THEIR experience.

Locke- You nailed it with Brain Over BInge. I use her techniques because I do believe that at least a part of it is biological and I am conditioned to respond with binges. I don't think that is the only component for me but it is helpful. And I have made all food legal. Still doesn't mean that I would choose to eat everything but if at anytime I really want ice cream...I get it! Thank you for your encouragement. I was actually diagnosed with bulimia in 2013 but it has been months since I've done that. It is nice to hear from someone who has recovered because at times it feels hopeless.
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