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Lillian Sorry you and your family are sick. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Do check in when you can.

Pattience I forgot to comment on the 1000 calories. I believe that I have learned that if I eat too few calories that my body grabs every thing I eat and says "Oh, she's on a diet again, I better hold on to all this food", because sometimes my weight will go up instead of down. Then when I eat more calories, I will be surprised with a loss. Our bodies seem to know what is going on and definitely seems to know what it needs. Your salads look good and I will probably try some of them when spring hits. I got tired of salads for a while, but seem to be getting hungry for them again lately. They you used to be my favorite food. However, winter hit and homemade soups became the norm for me.

SteelsLady Thanks for the info article on the rocking chair. I sent the site to my sister who can't exercise much because of her arthritis. It made me want to bring my front porch rocker into the living room. I may put it on my enclosed back porch so I can sit and rock when I talk on the phone and when I read. How wonderful that would be to get more exercise just sitting and rocking. Who would have thought something so relaxing had so many benefits.

Sluggo88 Thanks for the heads up on the pasta. I am always looking for one with more fiber.

I did the 4.5 miles on the bike today and thought, "I think I can go 5." Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to see if I could do 5 miles in 45 minutes and guess what? I did it. I was tired and took a nap after, but I was excited that I did make it and I was amazed to see that my hip that I injured years ago and aches most of the time, stopped hurting. When I used to do Walk Away the Pounds, my hip would hurt for a while, but eventually there came a time that it didn't hurt any more. Evidently 45 minutes on the bike stops the pain in my hip. Tomorrow will be a break from the bike, but we will go to Charlotte to Costco and probably between going to Costco and Walmart, I'll get close to an hour of walking. I do the 45 minutes on the bike again on Thursday and Friday or Saturday. Another benefit of the 45 minutes is that I sleep at night like a baby.

My totals are 1553 Calories, 1928 Sodium and 41 Fiber. This is going great.

I cannot do this on my own, but I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

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