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I think I'm losing it!
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Originally Posted by Silverfire View Post
Hey all - Question Have any of you tried "running" on the elliptical? I've been having issues with my knees and not progressing much, and my trainer suggested trying it out on the elliptical? Thoughts?
I agree with BigChiefHoho -- not sure elliptical will translate well into "real running." I've only done the elliptical a few times, and I didn't really like it. My feet fell asleep! And, it seemed to work my quads much more than walking. However, that might be a good thing! You're paying your trainer for their professional advice, so I'd trust their direction. It couldn't hurt to try.

I think anything you can do to keep your cardio fitness up would be good -- even if you can't do the length and intensity of what you were doing before. You might not lose all your gains while you're healing. I've actually read of people who had to stop couch25K for about 3 weeks and went right back to where they were when they stopped and picked back up -- it wasn't easy, but they didn't have to start again at the very beginning.

I'm sorry you're hurt. That's no fun!

Just had a thought -- how about spinning? Or a recumbent bike? I'm just thinking of the intensity, and you could pedal hard and fast for the running sections and back off for the walking sections of couch25K -- I would think that would be very low impact. Just an idea if the elliptical doesn't work out.

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