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W4d1 done and hoooooooooly crap that was hard! I am super proud of myself fot getting it done, but dang, boys and girls, that was not much fun at all. The whole distance-instead-of-time thing is starting to catch up to me, I think, because I wound up doing two 3-minute run segments, one 6-minute one, and one 7-minute one (because I had to slow down). I finished it, but I'm already thinking I might have to repeat this week. (even though that would make me not match up with magicsusan anymore! that would suck; I always come on here to read your report before I go do mine)

AwShucks, it drives me nuts that it assumes we're all running 10-minute miles! I am SO much slower than that. I think when I get up to doing the full 5k it's going to be more like 45 minutes than 30.

noshoes, silly question, but do you actually run barefoot? I use minimalist shoes (New Balance Minimus), but the rocks hurt my feet way too much to go shoeless outside.

Silverfire, personally I don't think that elliptical running translates well to running-running. The motion is a lot different (kind of awkward, in my opinion, but I know a lot of people who like it). It'd probably still be great for burning calories and keeping your cardio fitness up while you heal up, though.

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