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Howdy peoples,

I'm glad to hear that you are getting some good from your exercise classes Michelle. It's a reminder sometimes about how weak we have gotten and like anything - you feel better when you move and stretch. As I told the physical therapist, pain is a great motivator I feel better when I do my stretches so I am more motivated to do them. Funny how things knot and kink up. As to your question about the neck, I think I have neck pain because I have lousy posture - the older I get, the more I slouch. Of course that could be because my boobs are getting lower each year (hey not TMI - it's happening to everyone ) and maybe they are dragging me to pull forward as they droop. As to the vertigo, I am convinced it is the positional crystal thing - I have some exercises to 'reset it' but the bad news is that there is no permanent cure - the crystals will float in the inner ear and when they get out of alignment, I get dizzy. At least I can still hear! GF - we have to get you off the processed food - not good for the salt either. I guess we will have to put our heads together and come up with the "Worldlies I Hate to Cook Book". I like to cook but I find that I am leaning towards things you can quickly put together. It bums me out when I start at 2pm and we don't eat until 6 and I realized I spent 4 hours chopping and prepping I hope the exSIL enjoys the dinner you put together, she probably isn't feeling much like eating right now. But it's nice that hubby has something to warm for her.

Laura - one thing I learned about Vit D is that you need to have some exposed skin in order for the body to absorb it. So unfortunately, even if you are out walking for your commute - unless your arms are uncovered - you aren't absorbing much. And our cars and houses have windows which filter out the sun's rays. I used to go stand outside (far from the smokers) and push up my sleeves and get a few minutes of sun when I was working. Or take a 10 minute walk at lunch with open arms. Here our deck is warm with little wind and the warm sun so once it hits about 45 degrees I can actually manage 10 minutes with a black t-shirt if I stand on the south side of the house mid day. Easier to take a pill right now. Oh and I'm glad they FINALLY found your coat. Bummer that your soon to be ex-boss has to share her goodbye party with another. And for totally different reasons. Sounds like they are trying to conserve money or opportunities for you to have fun Perhaps new boss is aware of this or was once generous, got chastised and now won't step out of line. Either way, bummer... Good luck with those performance goals Geez I hated that stuff. Number one goal - to do whatever I can to maximize my raise and bonus - ok, let's at least be honest

Annie - is Sissy having post partum? Is there anything that can be done to ease up the hormone flood? Shot of testosterone??? I kid but that is NOT a kidding thing. I feel badly for anyone dealing with that as people do not understand. I am glad to hear she is doing better and you don't have to be there for 14 hours a day. Is Lil Man adjusting to his new brother? Cute pictures of Royce. Will look even cuter with red hair. That kind of fits with Royce too. I hope he's a night time sleeper and not a party baby. Have you looked into maybe getting some help with your medication? Geez even a coupon or something - try writing to the drug companies if you are taking name brand stuff. That's a month of groceries there. Yikers. I pray every night that you will get some good news on the job front. Keep trying - I know it's a pain in the keester - helps too if you know anyone who can submit your name. Has the snow melted by now over your way? Is Sassy liking grass again? No more potty battles???

Pattience - with tall and lanky, short and squat, petite dolls and mediums people - no wonder our clothes don't fit! I am short and pear shaped. I prefer knit shirts because I have always had a problem with gapping with button shirts. When I worked (I retired 2 and a half years ago) - I favored dark dress pants, a knit top and cardigan sweaters or knit jackets. With a scarf or pin for decorations. Now that I am home, I wear a lot of fleece in our long winters. I find jeans to be quite cold although they are my go to in the summer time with t-shirts. I have always had a hard time with "fashionable" wear because it is generally made for people who are tall and super thin. Like now, the fashion is a skinny t-shirt with a bottom "tail" that is a good bit longer in the back. When you have a bottom - that just pokes out, particularly if you sit for a while and looks horrid. But if you look like a thin, stick bug - it looks fabulous! As for clothing, I like things that give a bit and move with me. Who wants clothes that bunch up and stick in things they shouldn't? Good luck, I hope you can realize your dreams.

Shad - enjoy that nice weather you are having. Will it become more cold as wet as you head towards June and winter? Would be a good time to pack up and leave the leaking bed and head back home to some warmer temperatures. Is Sunday with DS while you are away?

Ceejay - how did draining the tank go? Did you have as much fun as you hoped you'd have?

Terra - have you ever though of tracking your steps or your mileage? Our friend Mel would use the pedal machine (her legs were weak from illness) but she would plot out how far she travelled across the country. It was a fun way to make some goals.

Susie - I'm so glad you were able to get a fews days off (all in a row too!) and have some R&R to yourself. You are on the go so much, it's hard when you never get to slow down. Did you both enjoy the conference bb games?

Nothing special for me. Quiet day today. I really am having problems lying down with the eventual onset of the vertigo. Wondering how I will get through class. Between the knee, arthritis and vertigo, boy do I feel like a mess. But I won't stop moving and I know if I commit to going to classes, even if I can't totally keep up, at least I am doing something.

Geez the day flew by. We had a late lunch and I planned on leftover Zuppa Toscano soup for dinner and here it is almost 6:30. Better eat if I'm going to, otherwise I'll be dancing with indigestion tonight.

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