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Jen- That's so great you got to spend time with your parents! My Spring Break isn't until the week of Easter. So silly that we have it so late this year, but it's tied to Easter since it's a Catholic school. The good news is when we get back we hardly have any time and if you teach seniors, like me, there is even less time. Of course, they are completely checked out mentally so those last 4 weeks are brutal. At the college where I teach we just finished spring break last week so back at it Thursday night.

Bill - wow, you have inspired me to make a list of my spring break to do items. Of course, many of them will simply be handed off to DH!

Jen, sorry about your SIL. Oh gosh, how stressful after what you've been through the past couple weeks.

Dagmar, LOL! Well at least you made me laugh and I'm sure others. I need to check the website Allison said because I have many chipped pieces but I don't really have any nice china. And of all weird things... we are still using our Christmas plates! I usually get them out in December and put them away right away. But I kind of like them and it's pretty much just DH and I and he doesn't care! So I told him, I'm just going to keep using them until I get sick of them! Surprised my MIL didn't say anything last weekend when she came over.

Michele - I have only been on one cruise and I was a chaperone for HS students' senior trip. Oh, that was NOT fun. So I didn't drink any, although I really don't drink much at all anyway. I had heard people say they gained 10 pounds on a 3 day cruise and I thought that was impossible. I quickly learned that if one goes to the midnight dessert bar each night, which we did, it can be done! My DH has family in Germany so we usually go there to visit because that's what he grew up doing. Hence, I have seen very little of the US -- one reason I'm excited to visit CA this summer!

Things are okay here. I guess I need to increase my calories. I'm embarrassed to say I am 6 under my goal now. I am only embarrassed to say it because I know so many people are struggling. Didn't change my ticker because not planning on staying that low. Is there a -A bra cup? (Sorry TMI), If so, I'd have to get it. But I'm this low because I just reached goal a month ago and I am still on my reached-my-goal-high as I call it. I'm still using MFP and logging everything and I have been around 1700 so I'm going up the rest of this week. Went to grocery on the way home from school and bought a few things that I will start adding in. I'm not going to try to gain back a few, that will just happen on it's on, but just not going to lose anymore.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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