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Originally Posted by maryea View Post

Wannabe - Hope you can get your bs down. Are you currently taking meds for it? This 1-1-1 eating strategy is really helping me. The doctor wanted me to go on an injectable med and I refused as wanted to keep trying. I was sure it was just my eating in my case and I was right because now it is getting so much better. Of course sometimes it is not the eating, it is the disease progressing.

Mary, I am on Metformin, but since he increased my dose several months ago I have been getting nausea and vomiting, so I have not been taking as much as he prescribed. I know I should have told him, but I didn't. Also, I have been eating wrong and not exercising. In the past few days I have cleaned up my diet and eliminated a lot of carbs I shouldn't have been eating. I'm back to exercising every day so that should help. But I think I definately need my meds adjusted, which we will discuss on Friday. This is my own doing, I know.

I have been reading how the 1-1-1 diet is helping you. You seem to be very good at sticking with a program. I will be looking into it to see if it is something I could do. First I want to get these meds straightened out.

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