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I've tried to post hellos to everyone since yesterday and every time, I get busy and have to log off. So, hello to everyone!

Hugs to you Jen....

Megan-- your time with your parents sounds lovely.

I have a little less than three weeks before my cruise with dh. I think it will make his trip to China go faster this time-- knowing that my cruise is around the corner. My challenge this time is the same as always. I always say I won't go overboard with the food, but I do. I gain. A LOT. My goal is to hopefully lose 2-3 more pounds before the cruise (or at least not gain). Since I know I will indulge, my plan is to ONLY indulge a few times-- special dinners but not every day or every meal. I will also not plan on any alcohol-- I usually don't drink AT ALL but when we go snorkeling and it is OPEN BAR, somehow I lose my mind. Of course, once that starts, I will eat anything in sight too.... The last cruise I had quite a few drinks on a catamaran snorkeling trip (after snorkeling of course)-- which was followed by lots of food. When we got off the boat, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to stop at a restaurant for a HUGE margarita and nachos. Then I really wanted to make it back to the boat in time for high tea. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I fell asleep in our room and missed high tea. Do you see why I don't drink??!!

2018 workout goals:

150 Bikram yoga classes

400 workouts minimum

So far:

32 bikram yoga classes
200 workouts total
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