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Originally Posted by wildirishrose View Post
Sorry lady Boys are lame....and bright side? It's almost April!
Beyond lame! I've been divorced, I don't have the tolerance to deal with BS and a guy who's essentially been great for almost a year pulled the stupidest crap last night and he says I'm over reacting because I told him to move out and I was done. Well when you leave at 4, say you'll be back at 6, promise my child Chinese food for dinner and then don't show, don't call, don't answer calls or texts until 11 pm, that's 7 hours later and you are trashed well I call that a problem, not going to deal with it, my girls and I don't have any room for that. I guess that's what I get for dating lol, only guy I've let meet my kids, eventually moved in together, grrr no offense to any guys out there but some men are so stupid! (so are some women) lol

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