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amandie and nonameslob - I would never have thought of using broth at all. I will definitely give it a go. I normally have quite tomatoe-y based pasta sauces but I was in the mood for something more mediterranean style, hence the olive oil. I imagine by using a broth you get a lot of extra flavour as well. How do you make zoodles etc? Any good recipes to share?

levoguette - I'm the same. I often end up weighing myself every day, although I give myself the whole week to see if the weight loss (or gain ) sticks. I'm not sure whether I should be weighing myself every day though! Its just so tempting when I'm in the bathroom...

I also love baking (and coking in general) and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of healthy things to make. I'm thinking of trying to make different bread varieties when the baking mood strikes me rather than something sweet and tempting. Any other suggestions?

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