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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
Just out of curiosity: Was your eating fairly balanced and healthy prior to weight loss? Was it simply a matter of cutting calories or did you find that you had to significantly alter any other habits?

I just wonder if people have more success with moderation if there was more balance in their prior habits. (Mine weren't balanced at all).
Not sure if the question was directed at me, but I'll answer anyway. Left to my own devices I'm anything but balanced. I used to have (and occasionally still have) epic binges -- I'm talking 3,000+ calories of pure carbs/fat in one sitting. I have an enormous capacity to overeat.

Even so, I saw no reason to eliminate any foods when losing weight. I'd always lost weight successfully on a 1,500-calorie diet, so this time around I did the same thing. The only difference, and probably the reason I've been able to maintain my weight loss for the first time ever, is that I committed to exercising 4 times per week.

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