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Interesting. I have major issues with both self esteem and food, and it never occurred to me to make that connection. I don't see it as "dirty" in a shaming connotation, I suppose. I just see it as another word for healthy or not polluting the body. Keep in mind a lot of religious food restrictions had a lot to do with health concerns due to spoilage, disease and storage at the time (pork is a good example).

I guess what I'm saying is I see your point - but for me, I feel like more damage was done when I believed that all food was "okay". This is not to say that I don't indulge, but my issues with food and self esteem have improved immensely now that I've segregated my food, so to speak. I can have the knowledge that cheesecake is not doing me any favors, and armed with that knowledge indulge occasionally without shame or concern. Before I would have ate it every day for a week, and even though I was hitting some moderation or caloric target, I would have gained, felt low, etc and the shame would come from me believing I was doomed to be fat.

It's really fascinating how all the facets come together for different people.

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