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Hi Sluggo, a key tip from me is don't try to reduce your calories too much. You will just end up hungry.

High fibre is good because it makes you feel full for longer. And fibre in foods is bulking e.g. vegetables are bigger for the same amount of calories as most other foods. So physically you are eating more but it has fewer calories.

Read the article on fibre on nutrition wonderland website. Go into main issues and understanding our bodies to find it. This will clarify some things and give you more insight into why and how fibre is good.

if you start off with a lot of fibre it may take a moment for your digestive system to adjust so bear that in mind if you tummy starts having a strange life of its own. Keep your liquids up - i.e. water. I mean vegetables have plenty of water anyway but insoluble fibre doesn't and benefits from more water.

If i wasn't eating high fibre on my diet, i would be up the creek. Ideally you should still manage your calorie intake but you don't need to restrict it severely, you just need to reduce it from what you normally eat. Fibre foods make this easier because they are so bulking.

Tell me, when you cook a pasta dish, what does your recipe look like. I'm interested to know because so many people demonise pasta and i just can't understand why. Its never been a problem for me.

Includes vegetables at every meal. Try to eat 2.5 cups of fresh vegetables (excluding potatoes) every day, ideally 5 different types and 2 pieces of fruit.
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