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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
While I totally agree that you can eat just about anything and lose weight, I take issue with "eating clean" being a meaningless statement (although it's often misconstrued).
By meaningless I am stating that there is no fixed meaning. For some people "clean eating" is a low carb whole foods diet without starchy vegetables. To others this means a diet of all raw fruits and vegetables. There is no fixed meaning for the term; it varies by the individual. That's one reason why I don't like that term. Another is that it dichotomizes food- it divides foods into two groups- clean and unclean. I am a person who has issues with self esteem and eating- how do you think it makes me feel when I eat an "unclean" or "dirty" food? Not good. That's what I'm trying to get away from.

I am a religious studies graduate student- human beings have a long history of dividing foods into categories of clean and unclean. To imbue some foods with the property of cleanliness (and the attendant moral superiority) and others with the opposite is a modern secular form of superstition that I choose not to participate in. I understand how this can be useful when you are trying to eat healthier but I choose to take a more nuanced approach to human nutrition.
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