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Starting over sucks.
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While I totally agree that you can eat just about anything and lose weight, I take issue with "eating clean" being a meaningless statement (although it's often misconstrued).

From a strict weight loss and nothing else perspective, CICO works really well. I think however if you're looking for better health some attention needs to be paid to the quality of what you're eating. I think that's where a lot of the divide and some of the more heated arguments come from on this site and others. Most of us will agree that weight loss is a highly personal thing and numerous things work (I myself borrow strategies from everything from calorie counting to atkins, to even IP). Health is a different marker - and everyone's standards for that are different, but I'm satisfied with the research out there that proves that too much processed food and a reliance on grains for carbohydrates instead of vegetables and fruits will do some damage in the long run.

No individual food has the power to make you fat, but your health is a very different matter.

Locke, I'm glad you've found a way to eat that makes you happy and that you're losing. Being able to eat intuitively and stop when you're full is such a huge battle, one that I only very recently won. For me it had to be extremely low carb.

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