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I ordered the Kindle White Paper from Amazon, they gave me a deal if I returned my kindle fire to them, they gave me a free postage return label . I have some books unread on my kindle fire so they said to finish the books and gave me 30 days until I have to return it. (That is if I can get it to charge) My kindle fire is 3 years old and the charger was shorting out inside the kindle, that's why I was looking for a new one.

Last Sunday morning DH was listening to a christian radio program. They were giving away 4 Gaither CD's and two tickets to the concert they're putting on in Minneapolis area. 2nd caller to win, Bruce was the second caller and won the tickets and CD's . Yipee, I can't wait.

Cajun...what am I busy with? Ha ha...everything. I have a problem with sitting, ants in my pants.

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