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Originally Posted by ChipnDip View Post
In the ideal protein website chat that I get with my videos they say that raw spinach can be used similar to lettuce and doesn't have to be counted unless you cook it. I often eat the mixed greens and spring mix stuff. It includes spinach and I don't count it. Now I wouldn't say 4 cups of spinach a day either! In other posts when people complain about 4 cups of veggies they say use light ones like kale and spinach so it appears that it is a choice. Same as cucumber and celery. You can count it but it is kind of "free" too. I'm sure it would effect people differently.
This has come up before. Spinach and kale are both listed as select veggies. The ingredients in mixed greens and spring mix are also listed as select veggies. Only lettuce is free - the rest needs to count towards your veggies.

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