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[QUOTE=wildirishrose;4970469]I have lost 25 lbs and my jeans still fit. Differently, but still fit. WHAT THE HECK. I want to be able to CHUCK THEM! lol These are tight, and are size 16 but I have a pair of jeans that have more stretch that are size 14, both fit comfortably, both are bought from the same store. Can I seriously just light them on fire?! QUOTE]

In 1997 when I started this job, I weighed about 160 and wore size 16 pants. Now I weigh about the same but wear size 12. There is just as much material in the pants as in 1997 but the label is friendlier. Also now that I am an old lady, I've sorta lost my butt. My fat is in the front these's shrinking but it's there.

Hang in there, you'll be able to chuck those pants soon.

My coach, one of the great ones, has a pants exchange in her office. She accepts our fat jeans and let's us exchange for smaller size. Very nice!!
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