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High levels of fat in diet will melt fat away and get you very musclar. Look at Mark Sissons. Or even me. I am not doing a lot of strength training and getting very lean and muscular.

I do agree you can supplement an overall low carb way of eating with some carbs before exercise. But it has to be very intense exercise to have to do this. Most weekend warriors, once they are fat adapted (ie burning and using fat as their primary fuel source) do not need to do this in most exercise sessions.

But low carb high fat is AWESOME at building muscle mass. Have to disagree with what Ian is suggesting. My belly fat melted away, and my muscle and strength increased dramatically on low carb. I find this is a very common report on the internet.

Or sorry maybe we aren't disagreeing. I've never actually heard of the no carb camp. I have always been above 50 grams of carbs a day. But low carb high fat (I guess not Atkins induction phase?) is one of the most recognized ways on the internet to build muscle. Don't take my word, google it and research it yourself.

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