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For me binging was absolutely a result of my diet choices day in day out. I had many processed food, a lot of bread, potatoes, pasta, you guessed it lots of carbs and very little nutritional value. There probably was other personal things going on and I am sure these are important for many if not all people wanting to get healthier.

But I was starving while overeating. I was feeling really hungry. This was independent of emotions or history. The calories were getting stored not used. My blood sugar spikes were a mess.

I cut out junk food. Then I cut out pasta, bread, potatoes, candy. My hunger dropped like a rock. I was free. I have remained free.

Here is the thing people forget. They are looking at the present and their history. No way they say can I give up those things. I thought that way.

But the act of giving them up fundamentally changes your body chemistry and your relationship to them. At least it did for me.

BTW I have no problems with people disagreeing. But do not invalidate my experiences. They are just as real as anyone else's on the planet. And besides that I have heard my story repeated hundreds if not thousands of times on the internet.

If you are carb/insulin sensitive you may have to try a month or two without them. I went grain free also, best decision I ever made. You can always go back. But many bingers, and I do mean many have set up their body to only be able to use carbs for fuel. They have shut down their fat utilizing ability.

This creates two huge problems: always hungry and inability to lose weight, especially fat. You have to reset your metabolism by restricting carbs. At the very least until your body is working again properly.

This is called the chemistry over character approach. You are working with your body to overcome hunger and binging. You get your insulin levels down...24 hours a day and then hunger for a lot of people just goes away.

Will it work for everyone? No. Does it work for many? Yes. I was motivated to start for sure by giving up all the foods. Then the magic happened. My motivation and discipline didn't grow. But my food choices were lowering my hunger. I succeeded by using chemistry not fighting it. I should say I also upped fat. You don't want to replace the carbs with protein. Perhaps a little more protein depending upon where you were, but a lot more fat. Organic coconut oil and grass fed butter are great choices. Fat is FILLING. Your appetite comes down completely own its own when you are low carb high fat most people find.

My honest success and take it for what it is worth, one person's success at controlling their hunger.

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