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Diana thank you for the nice compliment, you are too kind

I still have the damn 2 pounds of water but I also just realized that TOM is just days away, so whatever. I'm taking advantage of the week off I have in that I am exercising A LOT!
We went on a 50 minute, 7 mile bike ride after work yesterday and Mapmywalk says I burned 265 calories. It keeps track of how fast I'm going via GPS, but one thing it doesn't know is that when we are riding slower it's because we are going up hill! So I am positive that the number it gives me is conservative!

Ok, today's menu looks like this:
B - instant re-fried beans/egg whites/green salsa
L - chicken breast/small amount of chopped broccoli/cream of broccoli soup mixture...wasn't much left!
S - I've got a banana and a tiny fuji apple
D - I'm feeling like chicken cordon blue and some kind of veggie. Of course, a turkey burger patty and tater tots with a veggie sound good, too

another Vegas trip for me! Bellagio fountain view king for my birthday!

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