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Many researchers are coming to the conclusion that low carb is better for all kinds of athletes. Professor Tim Noakes wrote a book, Lore of Running, that was the high carb running bible.

He says now he was completely wrong. And he is VERY anti sports drinks. In general people get much better endurance when they become 'fat adapted'. Why? Fat is our biggest energy tank BY FAR. Not even close. Carbs are limited to what is on hand.

An athlete that is fat adapted can keep going and going and going and going and going and going. Their gas tank is huge and their body knows how to use it.

Look up Tim Noakes. He is also a wonderful person to follow on Twitter. Jeff Volek is a good source, also I found a great video by Aragon on becoming fat adapted. Many NBA players, players of all sorts are low carb. In fact it turns out pros were often low carb for decades. They knew how good it was for their bodies. Or a lot did.

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