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Hello, all! I didn't end up reporting back in yesterday, but I DID do well. Credit for a long, work-filled day until 7 when I arrived home and whipped up a decently light, quick, but salty dinner. No post-dinner snacking, probably because there was no time, but ... at least no munching. Snowed briefly this morning, enough to cover my car and the side roads ... Enough of this winter!

News from my father's oncology appt is that he'll get the shunt implanted this week and start traditional chemo for 4-6 weeks. My brother is handling everything now (LOTS of driving them to appts with mom's dialysis, dr. appts. and dad's, too) ... and then my sister arrives in early April and I go there mid-April. We're all able to help out, so that is good. My sister and I often do not see things the same way (often, heck, almost never) ... and I hope things go smoothly when she's there. She is more dramatic and I'm more low-key, so I think for our folks when I come in after her it's a MAJOR difference and they note it a great deal, which is probably not fair...

I had two days off plan. Two measley days. And I'm up 2.4 pounds. How in the heck does that work? I certainly didn't total more than an extra 500 calories those days.

Bill - I started a note yesterday and didn't post it, but I hope the joyful event of your DS's visit wasn't because he was alone! ha ha Side question - I've always called nuts "nuts" ... including peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, etc. Do tree nuts exclude peanuts (others?) and is it for a reason - less healthy/less nutritious?

Aiming for personals tonight if I can... along with a healthy dinner that is so not planned at all yet. Might be a rotisserie chicken for starters...

So close ... now so far!
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