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I don't know your entire eating and exercise Ian but I would be very cautious about atribtuing any previous conditions to saturated fat as a main culprit. At least depending upon sources.

Yes omega 3s are good, omegas 6s are bad. At least for how many people have nowadays. Coconut oil is 92% saturated fat, 2% omega 6. I started using it in January. Jan 2nd I was 232 I am 201 now. Even better rate than previous 50 pound lost. And I am getting stronger and fitter. They have been spectacular for my health and well being.

I am also using much more grass fed butter. Butterfat is 3% omega 6. Butter has a TON of fantastic health qualities. Now if my source of saturated fats were poor quality processed meats, processed foods, then yes it is the processing that will know you.

But organic virgin coconut oil and grass fed butter are not only good foods, they are super foods in my book. And study after study shows no linkage between saturated fat and heart attacks.

Of interest to me is people starting to look at grass fed butter or in other words high quality saturated fats and heart disease. Heart attacks are going down in Sweden and they were a little ahead of the curve in ditching margarine for butter. I think we are going to find that good quality saturated fats are very protective of heart health and health overall.

I also eat fish and use flax seed oil for dressing, it is awesome. So I am on board with omega 3s and being very aware of not too much omega 6s.
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