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Very interesting thread, I enjoyed reading it.

Certain foods definitely cause increase cravings for me, finding which foods do that for you is important, even if it a mental trigger, like if I eat something I consider a treat when I'm on plan that can sometimes make my mind think "hey, we're off plan let's get some chips..." Not really a physical craving, or maybe a physical craving brought on by an emotional craving.

Anyway, I constantly tweak and adjust my plan on my journey to goal, eating and exercise, personally, I don't think there is one plan that will get me to where I want to be and keep me there, except the kelijpa plan... I do a fair amount of exercise because it makes me feel good but don't want to get obsessive about it. If it takes too long I end up skipping it, so I'm careful about that now.

As far as your chili seasoning having wheat and sugar, I find it very annoying the things that have added sugar, like dry roasted peanuts, I have noticed one store brand is the only one in my area that doesn't add sugar, I like to use them to make my peanut butter sometimes, Planters and others all have added sugar.

We really have to read labels anymore, not just for nutritional information, but the ingredients. Best of luck to you, wishing you continued success

I thought it was interesting that my spellcheck changed nutritional to mutational...
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