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I am experiencing a mini-stall. I am certain 140 is another set-point for me. I have hung up here in previous weight-loss attempts, too.

UGH! I am officially out of ketosis. Blood ketones measured .6 today (goal range is 1.3-3.0). But at least my blood sugar is good (85).

Donating plasma is ruining me! I had been adding a few additional carbs on donation days because supposedly the plasma donation uses a huge amount of blood sugar. I mean the plasma is supposed to take 64g of glucose and 44g protein out of my bloodstream, so I have been adding back in an additional 15-20g carbs on donation days, plus 30g or so of extra protein so I don't lose muscle mass. But apparently this is throwing me out of ketosis so I am going to change my approach. Probably the amount of glucose the plasma donation is supposedly taking from my bloodstream is very different for me. More likely they are getting a small mount of glucose and a whole lot of my ketones instead. So apparently, in my case, adding in extra dietary carbs is actually doubly counter-productive; it adds in carbs which aren't actually necessary, it throws me out of ketosis, AND it fails to add back the ketones the plasma donation took away.

From now on, I am going to add in only the non-negottiable additional carbs from the liquid iron supplement (it's sweetened with honey and has 8g carbs). I have found a source of liquid iron online which has no added sweetener; it should arrive soon (crosses fingers). I will continue to add a protein shake (add'l 20g protein) the day of the donation. And I think I need to add some coconut oil for its natural ketone content, and maybe some raspberry ketones, immediately after my donation.

3/6: 145.6
3/8: 145.2
3/9: 144.2
3/11: 143.8
3/12: 143.0
3/14: 141.8
3/19: 143.2
3/20: 142.0
3/21: 140.8
3/25: 140.8 ugh

Fat fast today to get back into ketosis. Will weigh in again tomorrow and re-test blood ketones.

185/131/120 ~ 5'2"

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