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Originally Posted by ems70508 View Post
morning! so I attempted a smoothie (with greens) this AM with my Wild Berry Yogurt Drink mix. It tasted like straight up lettuce. I added Ice and (call me crazy) some WF Syrup to take the bitterness away. It helped. Still tasted like Lettuce. Drank it anyway-wasn't that bad. Any one make these and have a good ratio?

I use a bag of lettuce (but I started out with less - like 2 cups), Wildberry Yogurt Drink Mix, serving of WF marshmallow dip (2T) - blend then add ice. Could it be the green that it is getting you? I also use romaine. That is non-bitter and a "sweeter" taste.

Originally Posted by GettinHealthyNow View Post
I haven't had any luck using Wildberry Yogurt for smoothies, but the ready to drink mango blended with spinach is awesome.
But spinach counts as a veggie and not as lettuce.

Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
I think ColoradoCarol has been doing them with romaine lettuce and WF marshmellow - if I remember correctly she's using 4 cups at a time. You might look over on the 100% thread, there was quite a discussion about it.
Thanks Ruth Ann, quite a memory. Are you close to the slides?

Originally Posted by murphypuppy View Post
Mango smoothy and spinach with ice all blended up is super yummy! Just a question, what is the benefit of mixing in lettuce? Is lettuce mandatory on this diet? I get very little of it in my diet..... :/
Lettuce isn't mandatory but my coach feels that lettuce helps keeps things "moving" and a very important part of the protocol. She recommends 4-8 cups a day. There is no way I can eat 8 cups of lettuce per day by itself, so she gave me the recipe above. Since the beginning (at the introductory meeting) she has stated her opinion that the more lettuce (specifically romaine) you eat, the better you do.

Hope this helps.

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