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Originally Posted by smith1313 View Post
so if my rmr is 1700 times 1.2 for sedentary lifestyle is 2040 minus the 500 in food/exercise...1540 calories a day I should be altering in order to lose 2 lbs a week? Am I seeing that right?
I'll be back when I'm thinking straight - I just got up.

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon eating, and gained - morning to night - 4 lbs.
This morning it's 1.6 lbs less so some of it was water.
Still, using the longer term averages I should reach GW by 115 to 130 days from now.

I didn't get what your numbers are for each of the terms.

The equation may be

calories in from food(CI) + body fat burned(BF) = RMR + calories lost to activity(CL)

and in the case of weight maintenance the body fat burned is zero so the equation reduces to


If fat yields 3500 cals per lb then you'd need to reduce your intake or increase your activity loss by 1000 cals/day for a 2 lbs/week 0.3 lb/day loss.

For me, CI = 2200, RMR = 1500, so to maintain my weight, CL must be 2200 - 1500 = 700 cals/day.

For weight loss, my CI should be at least 1500 and assuming my RMR = 1500 the equation can be rewritten as

CI - RMR = CL - BF

The left side is zero, so 0 = CL - BF so BF = CL.

If my activity level stays at 700 cals/day I should lose about 700/3500 (0.2 lb) per day.

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