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Originally Posted by brneyes View Post
Please let me know what you think of Ideal Protein and if its worth trying. Who had done the diet? Have you kept the weight off? I need to loose approx. 30-40 pounds. Thank You
There is a great forum for Ideal Protein that has great information and supportive posters. I did IP for 7 months and lost 85 lbs. I did it because I wanted a fast result before I got bored. The thing is that it is easy to regain the weight if you don't figure out a way to maintain that works for you. They do provide a lot of education about healthy eating, and in fact you eat 4 cups of veggies and a portion of regular protein every day & some oil, in addition to the packaged food. The maintenance phase is about keeping fats and carbs separated after breakfast. Most people I know figured out their own maintenance WOE. I've kept the weight off for 7 months.

Most people I know who did the diet loved the food, even after phasing off the diet. It is not a cheap diet. There are, however, alternative products that will mirror it. You can check the IP forum Alternatives threads. The thing about doing the genuine IP diet is that you have weekly weigh in with a coach. If it's a good coach, it's well worth the money to have that support if it fits your budget. However not all coaches are good. Also, it's not recommended for people with liver or kidney problems, so good idea to check in with a doctor before doing it.

Dollydimple, Hope all is well with your husband. Some suggestions that you probably already know: minimum of 2 liters water/day. I have the first liter when I wake up. Also, does your plan allow lettuce? If so, it's a big help. I ended up needing some more help than those things, though, and used Smooth Moves tea (peppermint flavor).

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