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Oh your poor thing. I live with that condition all the time. Well not so bad at the moment. Get some psyllium fibre. Its got no calories. Don't take too much. But you can take this every day.

Mix in water. work up to taking about 1 dessertspoon probably. The first time i tried it after being recommended it by my doctor i hated it so didn't do it for a while. But then it became not such a big deal. It doesn't really taste like anything but it is a gel stuff. You can mix it with your shake if it wouldn't ruin it too much.

You know its never mentioned but i am coming around to the idea that fat is one thing that helps us avoid constipation.

And of course the other is fibre. Soluble fibre is best.

I don't mean to comment to every time you post but it seemed necessary.

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