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I think Pattience made some good suggestions.

I would add the following advice... try to pay attention to when you get hungry soonest after a meal. If you find it is after you eat a meal with starchy carbs (like bread, pasta, or potatoes), try swapping those for more raw or cooked veggies, healthy fats, and bigger servings of protein.

I strongly second the advice about healthy fats to make sure you are eating enough of them (sources like fish, avocado, nuts, etc). These are high calorie but can help you feel more satiated and they are important nutrients. Many people have trouble with portion control on nuts... in my case I intentionally buy raw, unsalted nuts and that makes it easier to count out 10 almonds (or whatever) and that's it.

If this approach to managing your weight still doesn't work well for you, you might investigate some of the other boards and approaches on 3fc, such as intermittent fasting, Atkins, Intuitive Eating and others. There are people who find success with each of these very different approaches.

Good luck and I hope you find an approach that works well for you!
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