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Well what you ate was really quite poor and not nearly enough calories. This type of eating is going to have the same results as the cucumber sandwich diet you tried and failed with before.
Pretty much everything you consumed was a worthless carb or starch. The only thing you ate with any real protein was the egg. The potato is just a white starch and really offers you nothing except probably a blood sugar spike. You are most likely dehydrated unless that glass of water was HUGE. The coke zero is also going to work against you because of the artificial sweetners in it. Rice with flavoring, just a dietarily worthless carb and some sugar really. And I think you already know that the "crisps" are fatty starchy carbs. There is some potential value in the salad, but not if it was the typical "iceberg" type.

You say this is not a typical day, what IS a typical day then? Are you following a plan or?

If your diet is judged by what you ate listed above, you'll likely fail at this diet attempt because it's far too few calories and of nearly no nutritional value. This type of eating will likely leave you tired, crabby, undernourished, and fighting blood sugar swings. Depending on YOU, it may also trigger binge eating.

Perhaps you are trying to calorie count? In that case I think perhaps you should consider switching instead to a food plan so that you get some nutrition as well.
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