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Originally Posted by Imready85 View Post
Hi everyone thank you so much for your posts and advice. I just checked this since I posted it, and just ready everything. I went on a binge this whole weekend. I ate everything in sight. Now I weighed myself and I am 285. The most I have ever weighed in my whole life. Last year I weighed 260 and managed to get down to 235. I thought this would be a good post to respond to to give y'all an idea of what I go through and how I eat. Here is an example of what I ate they day before I had a binge:

Natural Protein Powder Shake w/organic milk-100 calories

Fiber One Bar-90 calories

Roasted Chicken- 2 Pieces of Barbecued Chicken-270 calories
Steamed Veggies
Small Portion of Mac N Cheese-150 calories
Wheat toast-110 calories

Afternoon Snack-
Fruit blueberries, strawberries, cantelope

I went jog before dinner and when I got back I had another Protein Shake and a few gummy bears

Just to give y'all an idea. Im puzzled because I do not know examples of a balanced diet or how to execute one. I live in New Orleans and their is great food everywhere at every event you go to. But this is no excuse because I binge on everything even fast food. I was so miserable last night. I could not sleep. I could not breathe. I feel like I still cannot. I am constantly under pressure at work. Eating is my release. It is my number one hobby. My wife, my life and my greatest love. ALl I ever had was food. Wow this is sad to say.
You poor dear. I'm giving you a hug. You have come to a good place and you can learn from us. You can also get very confused by us so hang in there and don't give up. Be patient. You see my name. I call myself patience because i need more of it too.

The first thing that i would say is a problem that needs fixing with what you posted is that you are not eating enough. You have made yourself hungry so its natural to respond with a ravenous appetite.

The good thing is you are trying to eat protein and vegetables and fruit. Keep this up. Try to put fresh vegetables in every meal. A healthy diet, we are told incorporates 5 serves of different vegetables every day. One serve is about half a cup. You don't need to worry if you are not doing this rigorously all the time but try to head towards this. Try to eat 2.5 cups of vegetables every day and if possible 1/2 cup of that should be leafy vegetables like lettuce or spinach. I buy bags of mixed lettuce leaves from the supermarket. Or a cabbage mix. This makes it easier. a half a cup is not a big deal i often just shove it in my mouth with dressing if i'm cooking something else like pasta. Otherwise i chop it into my salads of various kinds.

I'm going to make another version of your menu which i think will serve you better.

instead of this:
Natural Protein Powder Shake w/organic milk-100 calories

eat this:

1 fried egg on toast in a 1tsp of oil on 1 piece of whole grain toast
1 fried tomato cut in half

1/2 cup natural yoghurt with no added fat. go for whole milk it tastes better.
put 1 apple pear or other fruit you like in your yoghurt. chopped up
add 1tsp of mixed seeds - try sesame, flax or sunflower seeds mixed or not doesn't matter. these are high fat but high mineral content.

Fiber One Bar-90 calories

skip this you don't need it. Have a piece of fruit if you do.

Lunch 3-4 hours after a breakfast

Roasted Chicken- 2 Pieces of Barbecued Chicken-270 calories How much does this weigh? Is it high in fat? Maybe leave the skin off.
Steamed Veggies - are ok if you like them. WEre they fresh? If not use fresh.
Small Portion of Mac N Cheese-150 calories (i don't know what that is probably its no good leave it out probably high in salt and fat)- have some salad instead but try to go for one that doesn't have lots of mayonnaise on it if you are buying it. Go for greek salad or other green style salads.
Wheat toast-110 calories is that one piece. later on you should be ok with just chicken and vegies but for now, it won't hurt to keep the toast. Is it whole grain? Give up white bread. It has almost no nutritional value. Its just pure energy and little satisfaction.

Don't eat in food courts. Their food is generally high fat and poor quality. choose better eateries if you are buying and if possible start making some lunches for yourself. We can come to that later.

Afternoon Snack-
Fruit blueberries, strawberries, cant elope - fine. good choices.

I went jog before dinner and when I got back I had another Protein Shake and a few gummy bears

Protein shakes are not real food. One a day is enough. Try to have real food though that you like and is healthy.
Skip the gummy bears while on a diet.

Sounds like your lunch is your main meal. that's fine.
A lighter dinner at home could be 125grams of spaghetti with some sort of fish in it or meat. You could try buying something like smoked salmon and chopping it up and 1/2 cup of tomato pasta sauce. Heat it through. That's very easy.
Have some salad on the side.

My thread has lots of recipes in it. I don't spend ages cooking and i make interesting salads you could try. Start at the end of my thread and look backwards in the link below. MOst of my cooking at the moment is quick and easy.

here a balanced diet includes about

5 serves of vegies when one serve is 1/2 cup of vegies. ideally its five different vegies a day
2 pieces of fruit

2.5 cups of milk and yoghurt per day total for calcium

protein at each meal either palm sized piece of fresh meat or fish, especially fish like salmon or sardines because of the omega 3 fatty acids which are very healthy, two eggs or 100g of beans or lentils

about 2 pieces of wholegrain or 100grams of uncooked pasta. NOt sure what that is in rice

fats - go for vegetables fast like avocados, seeds nuts and oils. But keep your serves small and use yummy things like nuts and seeds mixed in with salads and other recipes so you don't get carried away.

Uses bottled sauces in cooking to make a recipe work. you know like the asian things. soy, hoi sin and so on.

keep away from or keep to only once a week - pastries, cakes, chocolate, sweets, puddings, lollies, tarts, pizza, packet chips, sweetened cereals, flavoured milks, energy bars, dried fruit, deep fried fried foods of any kind.

limit alcohol to no more than one drink a day.

Avoid restaurants where servings are large and covered in cheese. If you are going to eat cheese, keep to a small piece as its almost pure fat but still has nutritional value. Its very salty so easy to want to keep on eating more and more.

Try new foods like korean, japanese at a restaurant not a take away place.
Avoid meat dishes at indian restaurants they are full of nuts, butter and fat. Best avoid indian restaurants really .

Let us know how you get on. We'll give you more tips if you ask.
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