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Originally Posted by BlueHorse17 View Post
Today I ate a little piece of chocolate which satisfied me. I think the binge really might have been from the fact that I have pretty much only been eating vegetables (as well as the same foods) for a few months. And I have scheduled an appointment with a therapist starting next week so this will be a process and we'll see where it goes. Good thing is that I'm trying to catch it ahead of time, I suppose.
For me, I learned that bingeing or just overeating even, has been directly related to my moods and things going on internally. As I am working that out, I am more successful in managing the binges. For me, I have to allow myself to eat some junk food and not make any food off limits or the deprivation will have me bingeing until I am sick... An entire large pizza, a couple loaves of French bread with cheese, cinnamon bread, and an entire family size box of cereal with whole milk in one sitting. I am not sure how many calories... well over 7000, I imagine.

I have learned that I have a mood disorder and as it has been getting treated, my urge to binge has lessened. There are hard days still, but it's better. Hopefully the therapist will help you get to the source.
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